Monday, August 23, 2010

handmade birthday gift.....

this past birthday i made a list of "37 things to do before my next birthday".  it's been fun crossing off  items as i accomplish them.  with that said, i was able to cross off #34 on my list with this little project i've been working on!!  i'm soooo excited to post some of the album....  
cover of her 8X8 album!

i decided to make my friend's daughter a scrapbook for 1st birthday.  i knew that i wanted to cover a year in her life but i was worried i might get overwhelmed with a 12X12 book. so, all these layouts are in a 8X8 Micheal's book. at first i was afraid this album was too small but it worked out perfectly!  i started with pictures of her parents getting married, then baby shower, the day her daughter was born, all the major holidays, ect, get the idea.
me and the proud mommy-to-be!
i added a few pictures that i took or found of facebook but for the most part the layouts are ready for her mother to mount any and all pictures she has.  i think she's going to LOVE it. the party is next weekend and i'm not 100% done yet, so that's next weeks goal.  i'll post more layouts when i'm done + i'll let you know what my friend thought of my gift to her. ~let's start this week off right....Happy Monday y'all!

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