Friday, November 9, 2012

high five for friday.

welcome to another week of #HF4F with Lauren.

my week felt like it dragged on forever, but clearly it didn't.  i think this feeling is mostly due to the constant flurry of projects/activities/work days/school days, so now that the weekend is here and i'm off both days let's make some new memories, but first let's look back on the week that was...

1. i took my Godsons watch Wreck it Ralph. they like it, i loved it! so many '80's video game references that i was dying laughing throughout the movie.
2. on Sunday a few of our cousins + my best friend + my Godsons went to the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. we all were overwhelmed by Endeavour's size. everyone from my husband to our cousins to my Godsons were in awe at the sight of the shuttle. we must have stood in there for about an hour just marveling at Endeavour's beauty.
3. we also had tickets to the Cleopatra exhibit. it's in the final weeks of the show there as well. i was in heaven when we went in to visit the one & only Cleopatra. both were equally amazing and i highly recommend making the trip to Downtown Los Angeles if you're in the area.
4. i took this photo when i was entering my local voting place around the corner from my home. my voice was heard that day. 
5. Thursday night at work i finished up my company's Shrink training program, and now i'm proud to say after 200+ tests i'm a Shrink Scholar @ work... i'm getting my official spoils from the training war tomorrow. 

how was your week?

Friday, November 2, 2012

high five for friday.

**just wanted to say this first before we continue... my heart + prayers go out to everyone on the East Coast. we have a very big soft spot in our hearts for New York, so i'm keeping them in my thoughts daily and i hope you are too.**

happy friday! here's another week in review with Lauren...

my week in a nutshell was pretty rad...

1. over last weekend we took my Godsons bowling with this awesome groupon we bought last summer.
2. working in retail means Christmas season = BOXES OF SHIPMENT. hooray... smh.
3. i bought this awesome candle for 50% off at Bath & Body Works. it's to-die-for-good-smelling!
4. i came home last Friday night to these beauties from my husband, and they're still blooming.
5. since the beginning of this year i've played along with Fat Mum Slim over on Instagram. it's SO much fun. she comes up with all these different daily photo challenges and i LOVE it. this month i'll be joining in the fun again with her. come play along if you're up for something new.

how was your week?

wishing you all a safe + happy weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2012

high five for Friday.

i'm playing along with Lauren from my grey desk today.

here's how my week unfolded...

1. every year i take my Godsons to the Cal Poly Pomona Harvest Festival to pick out their pumpkins. they have a huge selection, and the prices are dirt cheap.
2. my Art History I class went on a field trip to here, and loved every minute of it. seriously considering getting a student year long pass for $25.00, but not sure with gas prices how often i'd use it. got this awesome 2X2 grid from Postal Pix for about $2.50 or so. perfect size for Project Life albums.
3. this is a local hot spot that we love. if you're ever in the Whittier, CA area hit up Arturo's Puffy Taco for these beauties. you won't regret one single bite, trust me!
4. i went over to my good friend Pat's house to scrap the day away. fun, fun, fun. i'll post my layouts next week.
5. now, this is a biggie for me! i'm changing trying (more to come on this topic later) a new foundation make-up today. getting out of my comfort make-up box after seven long years of dedication. i'll post next week all about this tiny adventure in make-up.

how was your week? anything exciting to share?

Friday, October 19, 2012

high five for friday.

today we're playing along with Lauren from my grey desk

i really love this type of a 'weekly round-up', but sadly i didn't post one last week.  here's some of this week's fun via pictures (all taken with my iPhone 4 via Instagram app)... 

1. already menu planning for the upcoming holidays.
2. my husband + i went out to a lovely (but kind of expensive) dinner with our cousins. we loved the food!
3. i went on a rare late night drinks met up with my best gal. thanks BJ's for staying open until midnight!
4. got my toes done for the first time since last month... thank God!
5. and falling in love with my toe nail color i decided to paint (albeit messy) my finger nails the same color. this is a 1st in many months of not being matchy-matchy (my husband thinks it's weird that my toes/finger nails don't match..oh, boys never get these kinds of things).

how was your week? anything fun you want to share?

wishing you a great weekend, and see ya next friday.  come back next week for a project life update, some Christmas card posts, and maybe a review on a new eatery we're trying this coming saturday. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

high five Friday.

welcome to High Five for Friday! here's a look at some fun/exciting things that were buzzing around the house this week...

1. not sure if many of you know this, but i hand make invitations for my close friends and family. this gal, Tori, is best friends with my sister-in-law and is getting married next year, so i whipped these up for her.
2. greatest news all week- Postal Pix is now making a 2X2 grid pictures of your Instagrams in a 9 picture set for only $2.49. i'm hoping it's prefect for Project Life-ers out there. i'll keep you posted.
3. placed an order over here for some fun October add-ons for my Project Life album. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so these Elle's Studio finds are perfect for this month's spreads.
4. second greatest news this week...wait for it! the NY Yankees made it into the playoffs. we are huge baseball fans around my house, so it's been the MLB channel has been on around here nonstop.
5. i had to buy this Hello Kitty Halloween mug to match it's pink sister-mug in our cabinet from work yesterday. i'm secretly hoping for a Christmas mug too... hee hee.

all in all, it's been a busy week around here. the weekend is shaping up nicely and we've already got plans for next weekend with our cousins, so October might be the second coming of #Funtember for us.

how's your week been? anything exciting to share?

** confused by High Five for Friday? jump over to Lauren from My Grey Desk's blog to find out all the details and don't forget to grab her button, too! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

oh, October.

the calendar has flipped to another month, and before you know it the holidays will be here.  i'm looking forward to the last three months of this year. just a few things i'm hoping to get done this month:

clean out the trunk of my car. it's a serious mess!

catch-up on my project life and stay current.

layout the foundation pages for my December daily.

eat healthy-er this month (dieting is a bad word). and hopefully going forward, but we all know the holidays make that difficult.

continue to play along with these challenges, so we have handmade Christmas cards to send out.

try crossing off three more Christmas gifts off our gift list.

i'm hoping to be back later this week with a little project i'm working on for a friend's wedding. and i'm going to start making a weekly post of Christmas cards, High Five for Friday with this fun gal, and a Project Life weekend update. wish me luck!

what are you looking forward to accomplishing this coming month?

ps; doesn't that picture make you want to bake?!?

Friday, September 28, 2012

high five for friday.

here's to celebrating another High Five for Friday with Lauren, the great!

this was a great week when i look back on it through these pictures.

1. Fall, or Autumn as i'm trying to call it, is finally here, but the weather around So Cal isn't following suit.
2. i saw this sign at my local 7/11, so i'm making a pit stop by there today before i head over to a friend's house to catch up on some girl talk + do some scrapping. i'm a few events behind (posts next week).
3. i got this fantastic pair of earrings for a serious steal last week and they came today in the mail.
4. i made a trip out to my local Flower Mart  with my sister-in-law + her best friend/my wedding photographer to start picking flowers for her wedding. this is the 3rd person who attended our wedding that is getting married now. we're lucky in love for others for sure.  
5. saving the best for last- this week my husband and i celebrated our first year  (of many, i hope) wedding anniversary. i couldn't be more proud of this little milestone. and it shows in all the celebrating we did this month.

it's been a fun week. and this weekend is gearing up to be another packed #funtember for us again.  i'm already looking/planning out things for October.  we're hoping to get back on the healthy eating wagon again, taking my Godsons to a few Halloween activities, planning on starting my foundation pages for this year's December Daily album, just to name a few.

what's your week been like?