Friday, November 9, 2012

high five for friday.

welcome to another week of #HF4F with Lauren.

my week felt like it dragged on forever, but clearly it didn't.  i think this feeling is mostly due to the constant flurry of projects/activities/work days/school days, so now that the weekend is here and i'm off both days let's make some new memories, but first let's look back on the week that was...

1. i took my Godsons watch Wreck it Ralph. they like it, i loved it! so many '80's video game references that i was dying laughing throughout the movie.
2. on Sunday a few of our cousins + my best friend + my Godsons went to the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour. we all were overwhelmed by Endeavour's size. everyone from my husband to our cousins to my Godsons were in awe at the sight of the shuttle. we must have stood in there for about an hour just marveling at Endeavour's beauty.
3. we also had tickets to the Cleopatra exhibit. it's in the final weeks of the show there as well. i was in heaven when we went in to visit the one & only Cleopatra. both were equally amazing and i highly recommend making the trip to Downtown Los Angeles if you're in the area.
4. i took this photo when i was entering my local voting place around the corner from my home. my voice was heard that day. 
5. Thursday night at work i finished up my company's Shrink training program, and now i'm proud to say after 200+ tests i'm a Shrink Scholar @ work... i'm getting my official spoils from the training war tomorrow. 

how was your week?

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