Monday, July 26, 2010

Have a Rocking Birthday...

I made this birthday card for a friends son's birthday party but never ended up going to the party. Bad Sophie! I still have the card + at the time I was smart and made myself an extra card too. I'm a smart cookie sometimes...tee hee!
I LOVED how his hair came out!
Can't remember the paper! The truth is I never thought I would have a blog and need to remember that kind of info to pass along to all of you. But I promise in the future to be a "Good Sophie" and always post what kind of paper I'm using on my cards.
Close up of this little cutie!
His name is Chibi Punk Boy and can be found on TGF under the digi section. I just love digi's! They are soooo easy to buy and print out. I HATE waiting for a stamp in the mail..I feel like I'm 5 y/o waiting to open my Christmas gifts all over again!

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pat said...

very cute!! I love the image...I always forget I have these!!

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