Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bill or Eric....?

I'm a HUGE fan of TRUE BLOOD on HBO. I can't get enough of it...I really can't! Last year my roommate Brenda and I had a little end-of-season party at our house. So, this year I thought about getting together a few different friends for a start-of-season party. My friend, Patty, was generous enough to open her house up to us and make an AMAZING tri-tip roast for dinner, as well. 
the color isn't the best on my camera but it's a HOT PINK + BLACK 2-page layout.

Tina and I made little goody bags for the group. Each person got a bottle of "True Blood" drink + a little button with either Eric or Bill (I'm digging on Eric...all the way!!) on it + a set of plastic fangs. The girls LOVED their surprise and it just made the night that much more fun. 
Above is page one....and here comes page two.... Notice our feet..I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my toes + other peoples toes with mine.
I think we're going to do another end-of-season party with the same group of girls + my good friend P-Cakes will be joining us. Until then, I'll keep watching EVERY Sunday night with (my sister-from-a-different-mother) Tina and wishing I had an Eric of my own...tee hee! Happy Sunday y'all!

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pat said...

I love Bill Compton!!! and great layouts!!

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