Tuesday, July 27, 2010

snapshots of my weekend, 7.25.2010

How was everyone's weekend? Mine feels like it went by way too fast...but don't they all feel that way?! Since my boy is a HUGE NY Met's fan and they were in town, we went to Dodgerstown, USA on Friday night.
This weekend was ALL about eating good food, spending time with C's family and The Met's...that's about it!
We had AMAZING seat to see the AMAZING take on the Dodgers. The NYM won 6-1....sorry, Pat!
Midnight snack after our game...hehehe! Just know that my boy ate most of the food on all 3 plates. The next day we went over to C's cousin Patty's house to celebrate her daughters 21st birthday (oh, to be 21 y/o again!). More GOOD food + cake too.
I LOVE this birthday card! It was hard for me to part with it...does that happen to anyone else? Once you make something is it hard to give it away to someone else? Most of the time it's not for me but I totally love this card. We ended our weekend of eating at Heroes in Downtown Fullerton. They have GREAT food + baseball on the plasma + peanuts= it's my kind of place! Thanks for stopping by...have a GREAT week!


pat said...

WOW!! all that food looks so yummy!!!
it's okay Sophia the Mets only won ONE game out of FOUR!!! love that card and yes...it always happpens to me...why do you think I have a stack of cards just sitting around.

Sophie said...

You're soooo cute P-Cakes! I'm excited that the Mets won when we were there. Chrissy would have been a sad boy..hehehehe! The food was yummy but I didn't really eat that much. I'm trying to watch my girlish figure...LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

Leedybot said...

i want all of the food on here. now. haha.

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