Monday, September 24, 2012

here's to year one in the books.

today C + i are celebrating our one year anniversary. lots to reflect on today, so here's a little bit of what i've learned in our first year of marriage:

we can get through anything together.

we can respect each other to the fullest every single day.

we can disagree, but still love each other at the same time.

we can decorate a room together even thou we have different styles.

we can face hard times and still make each other laugh.

we can laugh at each other a LOT and still love each other in the end.

we can make tough decisions together even if they only benefit one of us at a time.

we can both agree that we both see things differently and that it's okay.

we can travel together as husband + wife just like we traveled as boyfriend + girlfriend.

we can both agree that we had a fantastic wedding.

we can agree that our wedding party was the COOLEST group of our friends/family.

we can both agree that i'm better at planning.

we can both agree that he's the kind of guy that will get to things later.

we can both agree that life is hard, but we are much better as a partnership.

i am so grateful that we got an awesome photographer that night.  i am so happy that we had all of our loved ones in attendance that night.  i loved that we didn't get into debit over our wedding.  i am so happy that our wedding was intimate and small with all our closest family + friends, but it was perfect that way.

looking forward to working on our marriage for many, many more years to come.

** this post inspired by this amazing summer post by Elise

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