Friday, October 7, 2011

another birthday.

birthdays are big in my family.  they have been since i was a very young girl, so i've carried that tradition with me into adulthood.  i love celebrating birthdays with either close friends or co-workers.  if there's a birthday on the horizon i'm good for some cupcakes + a dinner to celebrate, so when my sister-in-law's birthday came up i had to take her out for just that.  we met our friend Pat at Cheesecake Factor in Brea for some good eats + a round of not too many pictures. 

i normally don't do one page layout's, but for some reason i wasn't feeling the picture-taking-spirit that day.  so with that said, i only had enough photos for a single page layout, and i must say, i'm kinda diggin' this new concept.  note to self, try making another layout like this.  anyway, here's the lovely layout in question...

i used some leftover paper i had in my overflowing scrap box which (i can't recall the name of) i've used before on this card + a layout that i'll be posting next week.  i'm a closet orange color fan.  have been for years, but let's keep that between you + me.  anyway, when i saw this paper combo i fell hard for it, to say the least.  very happy with this layout. 

enjoy the weekend + see ya back here next week for all new layouts everyday next week...or at least that's what i'm shooting for.

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