Friday, July 29, 2011

a week in the life // wednesday

wednesday // woke up @ 10am.  it was a late night.  took a shower, got ready, + picked up lunch on the way to work.  processed 25 boxes in the receiving area.  took a 15 minute break to eat chicken noodle soup.  got out of  b+n @ 4pm.  drove to post office to pick up inserts for wedding invites + bought stamps.  came home to find C sleeping on the couch.  we went out to our local pizza joint.  then went to Target to pick up some school supplies + yummy treats.  found some amazing paper packs for .99cents.  score on those.  home to do three loads of laundry.  c + me + baxter kicked it outside for about an hour.  worked on putting together our wedding invites.  went to the gym.  came home to layout C's work clothes for thursday.  watched Inception.  packed scrap supplies for a day of fun at Pat's house.  turned into bed for the night.

loving // getting some much done in a day.
day in review // good day overall.
grateful // that the doctor helped C with his knee issues.
favorite moment // C swinging his knees back + fourth like it's nothing.
overheard // someone telling a customer to shove it. *the. best.*

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