Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a week in the life // tuesday

tuesday// after i posted pictures yesterday i went to the gym, but not before i dropped water on our floor. woke up @ 8am.  took a shower, got ready, + left for work. got out for the day at 2.30, went home.  worked on some wedding stuff.  spoke to this gal on the phone for about 20 minutes.  returned some emails, hopped on some blogs, +  text with a few people.  making plans for rehearsal dinner invites + a bachelorette party in september.  C brought home dinner tonight, which gave me the night off from cooking.  watched a  few chopped episodes, made a pit stop at our local doughnut shop for some yummy goodness.  stopped by my po box.  came home to spend the last hour with c before he went to bed.

loving // being a part of ali's project a week in the life.
day in review // didn't really take a lot of pictures today.  need to take more tomorrow.
grateful //  for a s.i.l. that makes me laugh when i truly want to pull my hair out.
favorite moment // every time c text "my love" when answering a question of mine or just saying hello.
overheard // some managers talking about newstand recovery... things are always changing at work, and we just try to go with the flow when they do.

looking forward // to taking more pictures on tomorrow.  more details tomorrow.  brunch with my mom later this week.

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