Sunday, February 6, 2011

last year's invites...

last year my Godson, Bradley, was in LOVE with Elmo.  as you know, this year we're making Sponge Bob invites, but i thought it would be fun to show you all last year's birthday invite + thank you card...
i can't remember the paper we used, but i will say making those invites took about 2.5 hours off my life.  Elmo is a tough little guy to put together, but i'm thinking Sponge Bob might be worse!
here was the invites i came up with.  i tried to go pretty simple with them, because i didn't want to buy more paper.  all in all, both mother + birthday boy + her family were very, very happy with all the cards i made.

check back later next week for more birthday invites!

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