Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snapshot of my weekend, 7/18/2010

I read this blog by Kelly Purkey (http://kellypurkey.typepad.com/its_me_kp/) and I fell in LOVE with her idea of taking a few shots of your weekend. The concept is to sum up your weekend in about five to six pictures that would tell the story of your last three days. I used to post my "snapshots" on facebook but now I figure this forum is a better fit.
We went to the Getty Villa and had a blast....Tina + me.
Then it was off to P.F.Chang's for a little light dinner....
Sunday was FUN day with my lovely boy in Santa Barbara....
We had lunch at CPK, then walked around for a while and bought a few goodies. I LOVED this wall of wrapping paper! I LOVE to wrap presents during Christmas or for that matter, any other time of year. I think the colors on this wall were awesome and I'm hoping they will be my muse when I'm making cards later this coming week. Then we went off to pier so my boy could feed the birds. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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