Wednesday, October 5, 2011

wedding wednesdays.

now that the wedding is behind us, i have more time to reflect on all of the goodness of that day + the hard work that went into making our wedding day special, not only for us, but for our family + friends too.  here's some pictures of our wedding tables and the favor we gave out.

wedding table for 10

candy apple favor

i wanted to do as much DIY wedding stuff as i could.  i know i've got a certain amount of craftiness, but putting together a wedding without a planner is way above my pay-grade, i thought until now.  i looked all over the internet for ideas, posts, and inspiration, and then started to fine tune our vision for our wedding.  we went with a simple black and white with a splash of light pink color scheme. 

i bought the fabric for our tables from this tiny store in the Fashion District in Downtown LA for about $2.50 a yard.  we got about 30 yards for 8 guest tables & one dessert table, but we have SO MUCH fabric leftover that i might make a dress out of rest of  my lovely friend, Leeda, measured our guest tables that sat 8-10 people, cut a 55" square, & finished the hem on all of the tablecloths we used for our guests tables & the dessert table was 48", so she cut that tablecloth at 60" square that way it would hang over the edges nicely (i'll post those pictures next week...along with centerpieces). 

we got our candy apple wedding favors from a local wholesaler in El Monte, CA.  which were a HIT with all of our guests &  i'm sure their children later that night too.  those apples were $17 for a 30 pack.  i took regular black and pink ribbon from my local craft store, bought a tag PDF from this place here and printed them out on my HP printer with plain, old black ink.

thanks for stopping by...i'll be back this week (hopefully) with some new layouts after my scrapping date today.

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