Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wedding wednesdays...

c + me are HUGE baseball fans, so i came up with a genius idea of naming our wedding guest tables after the ballparks we've been to over the years.  anyone who truly knows us, knows these table names are so us. here's just a few of the ballparks we'll be di using for our wedding...

we'll be mounting these on top of flower centerpieces with these handmade floral wire picks, which i absolutely love!  once i mount the two copies of these pictures together with adhesive, i'll be rounding the corners + placing them in the wire picks.  there will be 10 tables in total, so there will be 10 different pictures of us.  i hope it all comes together like i envision it in my head.

i'll keep ya posted on our DIYed wedding progress over the next few weeks... wedding: less than a 30 days away.

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