Tuesday, February 1, 2011

triple D's for lunch...

C + i love to watch this show whenever it's one.  we've been dying to try any of the places Guy goes to, and we found some in our own backyard.  we took a weekend trip last year to San Diego, and stopped by here and here too.  the food was amazing at both stops, and we can't wait to go back this coming summer!  here's our fun filled weekend...
page one
a look inside those flaps
page two
page three...just might be my favorite!
it was an awesome weekend filled with Padres baseball on 9/11 (it's a MUST for any true baseball fan), tasty food, and the most outrageous cupcakes!  if you are ever in the SD area please check out Heavenly Cupcakes, and trust me you won't be disappointed. 

wishing everyone a great week... looking forward to the Housewives Reunion tonight!

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pat said...

love the layout!! great food pictures too!

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