Thursday, January 27, 2011

new years, mmxi...

we went to Morton's to celebrate our first New Year's living together.  dinner was amazing, but the pictures from that night are the highlight for me of the whole evening... pss.. maybe the dessert was too!
now for the right page...
i've used this layout before in last year's book, but i just loved it so that i could help but use it again.  the paper if old, and the layout is a little basic, but that's what i love about it the most... the photographs do most of the talking.

thanks for stopping by!  how many people are watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:Reunion tonight?  i've got class, but i'll catch up on it once i get home.  God bless DVR!

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pat said...

Great layout Sophie Ann!!! I am glad I got to see it in person!! you do great work!!

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