Saturday, January 1, 2011

MMXI here we come...

it's been one hell of a year!  twenty ten you brought me lots of highs and some unbelievable lows.  not wanting to over think or focus on the year of crazy things that have happened, i decided to take the highroad and write about all the things i'm looking forward to in twenty eleven... planning a wedding... closer friendships...committing to a few scrap resolutions and keeping them...reading more...loving more...bitching less...focusing on the positive in my life... in general, i'm looking forward to an awesome year + i hope you are too!
next up; a few December Daily book posts, twenty eleven resolutions, and a few new projects too.


pat said...

Sophhie Ann...I wish you a GREAT 2011!! and I am soooo looking forward to your wedding and helping you with what ever you need!!!
BTW this is a GREAT photo of you two!!

Sophie said...

Thank you, Pat! We had a great night at Morton's, but so wished you and Lorenzo could have joined us. I wish you a very BLESSED New Year that's filled with lots of love, friends, and great health.

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