Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day one of december daily...

i'm playing along with Ali Edwards December Daily  + i'm loving it!  i decide to take a weeks worth of photos at a time, print them all a once, update my daily book, + then blog about it.  this is day one.....
the story behind is this picture is very exciting to me + i'm happy to share it with all of you.  i've worked at Barnes & Noble for over 2.5 years now + really never got any customer letters sent in about me.  but December 1st all of that changed!  one of our amazing customers wrote in about her experience with me trying to sell her a NOOKcolor .  i don't really remember her but her letter was sent into our company, along with my picture. i'm proud to say, i made it onto our company website for everyone to read about.  Very. Exciting.

Ps....i think doing this book is helping me feel the holiday spirit!

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First great post!! Congrats-- bet that was a neat letter.

And second--my kiddo would die to work there!!!

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