Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my 1st "first Friday in Venice"...

 my future sister-in-law + i went down to the Brig on Abbot Kinny Blvd in Venice to check out all the amazing food trucks we've been hearing about.  it's safe to say, i'm a FAN.  the amazing food.  the amazing vibe.  can't wait to go back for round two.  here's my pick of the night...
  tacos from KO Tacos.  they are bomb!  so good, i had to go back for seconds.  on a side note, hoping to get back to crafting this week, so i'll have a few things to post later this week.  i'm going to start a "25 days of Christmas" book this year with my friend, Pat.  so, that should make for some fun posts next month. 

~get your craft on!  

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