Wednesday, September 1, 2010

looking forward to September....

i guess it's hard to say why but doesn't it feel like the months just fly by now?  as we say goodbye to August, i'm left with the thought of what did August teach me?  

  •  that trusting everyone might not be the best way to go 
  •  that telling someone that is "kind-of-your-friend" isn't the same thing as tell someone who is "your- true-friend"   
  •  that i can crochet if i put my mind to it 
  •  taking too many pictures of one weekend or gathering really does make me truly happy 
  •  that going to bed late and having to wake-up early the next morning isn't always wise but it sure is fun
  •  that i didn't always stick to my diet like i should have 
with that said,  i'm truly looking forward to September.  there's lots to check off my list this month,  lots of plans to come,  lots of 1st....

  • September means a new set of goals for the last four months of this year
  • September means my Godson is starting his 1at day of kindergarten this month
  • September means we're heading to San Diego for a fun but busy weekend planned
  • September means Fall is right around the corner
  • September means Christmas is less then 15 weeks away and i need to START making my Christmas cards NOW 
  • September means the leaves start changing colors 
  • September means i can start thinking about buying new sweaters for winter
  • September means there's only one more month of regular baseball
  • September means the NY Yankees need to keep on this pace to make it into the playoffs in October
  • September means i've got another chance to do better on my diet.....New Years is only 4 months away, you know.
~i'm hoping that September is kinder to me then August was. 

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