Monday, August 9, 2010

A Weekend Snap Shot, 8/9/2010

hello everyone!  i hope y'all had a great weekend...mine was exciting.  it started off with a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach on Thursday.  then back to work on Friday night + Saturday morning (no pictures of that..ain't that exciting anyway!) but we had another 40th birthday to celebrate at Dave & Busters + a little Lucky Strikes bowling after.
i LOVE how Bradley's eye are just peaking over the frame of the picture!
my youngest Godson was soooo excited to see Nimo everywhere....just love looking at the world from their eyes! LOL!  it seems this is the YEAR of birthday celebrations!  more the half my 2010 scrap book is filled with birthday get together.
birthday girl enjoying herself!
tee hee..i won!

LOVE these girls!! 

all in all, it was a GREAT weekend.  we've got some parties coming up, a short hop to Vegas for the weekend, and then already looking ahead to Seattle trip in September.  keeping my fingers crossed!

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