Friday, August 6, 2010

the Met's came to town....via San Diego!

my boy, Chris is a HUGE Met's fan!  always has been!  every time they come to Cali we make our little pilgrimage to the local stadium to root for the "Other New York" team.  (GO YANKEES!)  we had AWESOME seat right behind the Met's dugout.  Met's lost but the game was fun....

i caught a ball from Ike Davis that night after the kid next to me stole the first ball that was coming my way!  i did a four-page layout, so here's the other two pages....i was trying to get out of my box with these layouts.  it was good for me to use less pictures and make the paper i used stand out.  can't remember what the paper is called but i loved it and knew it would work the minute i saw it.

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