Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 simple goals....

i read this awesome blog the other day....http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/08/4-simple-goals-before-2011.html.  elise was talking about make "4 simple goals" for the rest of this year.  i LOVED this idea.  so, i decided to play along...here goes;

1)  read at least one book a month for the rest of this year.  i've slacked off in this area lately!  i love to read but i'm a little lazy and it's way too easy to just watch Baseball Tonight on ESPN at night.
2)  live in the moment!  i feel i miss out on a lot when i'm not focusing on the enjoyment at hand.  when others are living in the moment, i'm focusing on negative things going on around me.  lately, i've felt like not everyone in my life is the truest of friends.  maybe if i cut out a few bad apples in my life, i could see the beauty around me and soak it ALL up. WHAT. A. WONDERFUL. THOUGHT.  
3)  stop eating after 7PM.  i've been trying to make better food choices these last two months but i always fall prey to the late night munchies...it's wrong, i know. but oh. so. good.
4)  start Christmas cards and shopping early!  in years past, i've waited until November or even December to start both.  i know, it's wrong!  i'm already head of the game since i made my list for both two weeks ago.  now i just need to start working on it.... 

here's my list.  play along and come up with one of your own.  i'm off to work on...hmmmmmm

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pat said...

oh I like this idea!!

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